Special Experiences (to book in advance)

DIY Special Experiences

Welcome to my world ! Making cosmetic products is my life, my passion and I love to share it with the world ! That’s why I offer tailored experiences to people who are looking to understand plant-based cosmetics, who want to make their own products or who simply want to try a fun activity. 

Here, you’ll find information about workshops you can book in advance for a special occasion. This is a non-exhaustive list and I am happy to accommodate with what you have in mind (morgane@rozemountain.com). 

Henna Night Experience

Getting married soon ? You are spending your Henna night with the women in your life and you would like an out-of-the-ordinary experience ? Why not combine the Henna ceremony with a meaningful, emotional, fun moment before your big day.

This evening will be comprised of the creation of 2 skincare products (a facial masque and a lip gloss), a pampering session with our DIY Facial Masque Bar, the Henna ceremony, a meaningful activity for the bridesmaids and the bride-to-be as well as drinks and small mezzes to savor.

Other options, such as diner, can be included and I am happy to tailor the event to your wishes and needs. Just contact me at morgane@rozemountain.com.

One-on-One Experience

What is a one-on-one experience ? It is a customized session of (half) a day where we dive deeper into plant-based skincare. You can choose in advance, among a series of options, what you would like to work on during the session. Why choose to work one-on-one ? Because this kind of VIP workshop gives you the possibility to work at your own pace (wether faster or slower than usual workshops) in a relaxed atmosphere and explore areas that we don’t necessarily have time to cover during grouped workshops.

How long does it last ? half a day or an entire day

What does it include: tailored session + lunch

How much does it cost:

Session booking: morgane@rozemountain.com

Team-Building Experience

Looking for an out-the-box team-building experience for your staff ? Let your co-workers get to know each other better and bond over plant-based skincare. This day away from the office can be organized as follows and/or tailored to your requirements:


Morning: – Presentation + explanation of the day

                   – Half of the colleagues pick a name (of the other half) at random

                  – Little speed dating to discover preferences and skin types

                  – Presentation of safety measures + little break

                  – Formulation 1: cosmetic product for yourself (or loved one)

Lunch: Food (either included in package or everyone brings their lunch)

Afternoon: – Company Speech (?)

                    – Personal debrief of speed dating

                    – Formulation 2: cosmetic product for your colleague

                   – Debrief of the day + Goodbye

For a quote, contact morgane@rozemountain.com

Bachelorette Party Experience

Preparing for the happiest day of your life is stressing, so why not innovate your bachelorette party with a fun, creative and pampering day/evening with your bridesmaids. Each of you will prepare 3 products: 2 products to take home (a face lotion and a lip gloss) and a product to enjoy in the moment, for a pampering session (creating and using a facial masque made with our DIY Facial Masque Bar). This experience can also include a cocktail bar, a smoothie bar, a food bar, depending on your needs and wishes. 

Included: a gift for the bride-to-be

Price: get a quote by contacting morgane@rozemountain.com

Birthday Party Experience

Do you want to spice up your birthday by including a fun, original experience ? We can tailor this workshop to meet your needs for an hour, two hours or an entire afternoon, creating together plant-based skincare products. 

To start customizing your birthday experience, contact us at morgane@rozemountain.com.