♦ Expert Natural Cosmetic Formulation ♦

Welcome to Roze Mountain

We design bespoke botanical formulations for your skincare brand !

Custom Formulations

Do you want to launch your own skincare line ? Do you need help in developing new products for your brand ? You found the right place. I am a Certified Organic Cosmetic Formulator specialising in botanical formulations: I develop natural beauty products for skin, body and hair from plant-derived ingredients. 

Go to my Beauty Apothecary Lab to learn more. See you there!

DIY Beauty Experience

Dive into the universe of green beauty through our themed DIY Beauty Experiences. More than just a workshop, these experiences will transport you into a bubble for 2 hours, an afternoon or an evening and get your creativity flair out to create bespoke DIY beauty products.

No worries, our expert formulator will be there to accompany you and make your experience magical ! Go to DIY Beauty Experience to learn more. See you there !



I like formulating and developing skincare products that deliver real value as well as forging strong and positive relationships with my clients so that your business objectives succeed. I believe that formulating is both a science and an art and it requires scientific knowledge, research skills as well as creativity to bring to life your dream product !