It is never too early or too late to take care of your skin ! Here at Roze Mountain, we believe that aging is beautiful and each wrinkle represents a memory of your life. We do not pretend to have miracle products against aging, but we would like to allow everyone to age with grace. So hop on and join us on this journey that is life with our natural beauty products and herbal remedies.

It all started with cooking. I’m a foodie, I love to eat and I wanted to master the use of spices and herbs in cooking to, one day, be as good as my mom (which now seems impossible, plus I’d rather eat her cooking anyway). When reading about spices and herbs, I also discovered that a lot of them were used for health. Following this discovery, I’ve spent the past few years researching every bit of information I could find about herbs, essential oils, vegetable oils and vegetable butters for health and beauty. I find it fascinating how nature can help improve our health, heal us and highlight our already existing beauty ! And if, while doing that, we can avoid destroying everything and everyone around us, well, sign me in !

So basically, that is how Roze Mountain was born. A family-oriented business created during the long and numerous nights where I couldn’t find sleep, dreading, dreaming, hoping… I spent years, weeks, days, thinking about what would spring me out of bed every single day without getting bored, giving up or simply hating my job. I stressed over the fear that I would never find a job and end up living a life I hate. But now, I feel like I found it. Thus, creating this company is both my biggest fear and my biggest accomplishment so far.

But to be truthful, I didn’t create this company alone. In reality, I couldn’t have made anything possible without my relatives who all pitched in to make this come true. So for me, this company is not just business. For me, it’s as personal as it gets. Plus, I love what I do, I love creating stuff that can be useful to others !  It gives me a sense of accomplishment. Every product I make, I make it with passion in the hopes that you, my current and future customers, will like it. That is why I will always make sure that you are satisfied every time you come here.

So I hope you will enjoy your journey throughout this website as much as I enjoy sharing part of my life with you !


P-s: if you know you’re allergic to something and there is a product that you’d still really like to enjoy, drop me an email and we’ll arrange a customized version for you !

Pp-s: Because I use natural ingredients and all the products are freshly made, they have a different (i.e shorter) shelf life than the products that one can find in the traditional cosmetic industry ; so don’t skip the products’ description as I mention everything you need to know.