• How do we know you’re not selling us crap ?

Well, let’s start with the most important: I am certified in Organic Skincare Formulation with Formula Botanica and planning on getting certified in Organic Cosmetic Science and herbalism once I am done with skincare formulation courses. But as important as those certifications are, I hope that I have successfully conveyed the message that this is not a hobby, something I make for fun but don’t really care about. Making natural skincare products available to everyone is a passion. A passion for the human body (and soul –> candles) and a passion for the planet. Because, if we can live a life without harming each other (including animals), why wouldn’t we ?

  • What kind of ingredients do you use ?

Wild-harvested or organic plant-derived ingredients, such as carrier oils, vegetable butters, essential oils, botanicals, as well as clays, fruit powders, sea salt etc. I also use natural aromas (they are fractions or isolates of essential oils, or raw material substances obtained through ecological processes such as fermentation or hydrolyze, in this case, on a base of vegetable oils) and, in one product, allergen-free fragrances.

  • Is it cruelty-free ?

YES, YES AND YES ! No animal-derived ingredients, no ingredients tested on animals and no final products tested on animals ! We are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. We use fair-trade ingredients and recycled (or easily recyclable) packaging ! And the cherry on top of the cake: everything is handmade !

  • Is the packaging in the same ethic lines as the ingredients used in the products ?

Yes, our packaging is either made of recycled plastic, recyclable glass or recycled cardboard (for candle boxes). It is also very easy to reuse cardboard candle boxes as gift boxes since we haven’t printed our logo on it and the candle glasses can also be reused (or recycled) if you have any good idea of what to do with them once cleaned.

  • How long will it take before I can see results on my skin ?

It usually takes at least a month because the skin takes 28 days or so to renew itself (up to 40 days as we age). But, to be clear, skincare products are not made of magic. So if you don’t drink a lot of water, have a balanced diet, exercise and sleep enough, don’t expect miracles ! For those who have acne, also read this very interesting article: http://www.herbhedgerow.co.uk/what-causes-acne/

  • What is your delivery time ?

In the UK, it usually takes 2-3 days, around a week for Belgium, France, Netherlands, etc. (will be updated soon with more precise info for different countries)

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